What is Kicks & Comedy?

Let's first start with the Comedy. Hysterical Laughter and Fun starts off the course with a private comedy show specifically tailored to the participants. The show will undoubtedly create positive vibes and entertain the participants creating wonderful smiles and great attitudes.


We welcome everyone to come and take part of our Kicks and Comedy course. The Kicks and Comedy class prepares the DIVA (Dangerous If Violently Attacked) in you for day-to-day challenges you may face. It enables you to recognize potentially hazardous situations and be aware of your surroundings. We will touch on the following subjects during our session:

    Invaluable, Life-Saving Tools and Techniques
    Confidence and Positive Self-Esteem
    Learning Through Laughter
    Community and Self-Worth

During this fun-filled course, your group will participate in a course that includes a complete self-defense class and comedy show. You will also be trained on the proper use of defense tools from household items like car keys to high grade pepper spray, personal alarms, and stun guns. Our courses are comprised of fundamental strikes, kicks, knees, blocks, awareness, personal and street safety. Our classes cover important content such as Boundary Setting & Assertiveness, Rape Awareness & Resistance which instruct on ground techniques, impairing breaks and pressure points.

Upcoming Classes

Kicks and Comedy offers an array of programs and courses for women and girls of schools, corporations, organizations, and families. We are able to not only customize the self-defense instruction, but also the comedy.

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