In an effort to provide services to those that are in need of training, but lack the financial ability to meet the monitary requirements, when Inquiring or Booking Classes, please ask about Pro Bono and Sponsorship classes. In some instances, the fees may be partially or fully waved based on the circumstances or organization requesting classes.

Fee Schedules

Small Class

$30 / Per Person

  • 1 to 10 Students
  • One Instructor
  • Small Venue

Large Class

$35 / Per Person

  • 20-40 Students
  • 2 Instructors
  • Gym or Outdoor Venue

Extra Large

$40 / Per Person

  • 40-100 Students
  • 2-4 Instructors
  • Large Venue Required


Frequently Asked Questions

Can men attend the class?

No. These classes are specifically created for the self defense of women. We attempt to create a safe and educational environment that is condusive to learning. We want our students to feel comfortable and at ease. The presence of men can sometimes create discomfort and distractions.

Do we have to purchase any equipment prior to the beginning of the class?

No. All the equipment for the class will be provided by the instructor. All you need to bring is a good attitude and a willingness to laugh and learn.

Is there an age requirement or limit for attendees and do you have to be in shape to attend?

We do want the participants to be able to grasp the concepts we are teaching, so we ask that the youngest age be of middle school age (12-15). There is no age limit to joining the class. The exercises aren't taxing and we have alternative moves for those that have difficulty performing strenous moves.

How long does the class last?

We try to be attentive to everyone that joins the class by dedicating enough time to ensure everyone has grasped the concepts being taught. Depending on the number of participants, the classes can go on from one to two hours.

How can I schedule a class for my school, church, or organization?

Email us at and someone will return your email as soon as possible.